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LifeCell Skin Reviews


A relatively new product to hit the shelves, LifeCell Skinmakes some significant claims. Amongst others, it claims to make wrinkles and age spots invisible, even under close scrutiny. In addition, it’s marketed as a substitute for cosmetic surgery and Botox, on the grounds that it utilizes a certain discovery which is related to scientists who won a Nobel Prize.

 These are serious claims so yes, they did grab my attention but to be honest, when I started reading through their sales letter of more than twenty pages, I had my doubts. In fact, I am always skeptical when a company claims there product is the product of choice between movie stars and models alike.

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Not being able to help myself, I immediately started doing some online research regarding the manufacturer, South Beach Skincare. I had to find out more about this product and not only that, but I wanted to know more about a certain Dr. Janet Allenby, a cosmetic surgeon amd dermatologist who endorses LifeCell. Anyway, while browsing through some articles this doctor has written, I came across a blog post which boldly stated Dr. Janet Allenby was in fact fictitious and LifeCell was simply a scam. Now, if that post had maybe been on another blog, all by itself, then maybe I would have taken heed. However, the sheer number of posts others had left, praising LifeCell and South Beach Skincare, told me that this was certainly not a scam.


Furthermore, as part of our review process, I nearly always email the company with a list of questions. While I do want answers to my questions, I do this more as a way of determining a company’s customer service and on this occasion, South Beach Skincare scored top marks, having responded in little more than an hour.

When one has to review so many products, skepticism runs deep, so armed with my credit card in hand I decided to order a trial package for only $189 via their website. Here again, this company scored top marks as the package was delivered in three days.


So, how does LifeCell Skin work?

 In 1998, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for their work regarding Nitric Oxide. It is this same chemical which is the main ingredient of LifeCell, a chemical which has been proven to dilate capillaries and enhance blood circulation in the skin. Such is the enormity of Nitric Oxide within scientific circles; more than 3000 related papers have since been published.

Because this chemical is a gas, there is no means of getting it into the skin. Alternatively, Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid is used. Also known as D3PA, it is the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant in the world. Experiments carried out at Yale University’s medical school showed a remarkably noticeable glow on the skin of patients, within just five days of initial application.

 Another high ranking antioxidant used in LifeCell, known as Idebenone, has been subjected to a barrage of studies, all of which have concluded the beneficial effect it has on human skin.

 All this technical talk is okay if you’re a scientist but I’m not. Instead, I am just searching for something that works and something which will not damage my sensitive skin.


LifeCell Results! – What are they?

LifeCell Skin is a complete, comprehensive product: Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Moisturizer, Firming Cream, Age Spot Reducer, Under-Eye Treatment, Lip Plumper and make-up base.

Results started becoming visible within about five minutes as from the time of application. I also felt a gentle tingling sensation which gave the impression it was happening under the skin surface.

I have not experienced any form of skin irritation which rates high with me, given my very sensitive skin. Also, the product in completely non-greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin.

After three weeks from initial application, there was a remarkable reduction of wrinkles and lines in the areas around my eyes and mouth. By the end of the fifth week, I had received my first compliments from friends. 

In my opinion, LifeCell does work!


The Good Points:

1. It’s an All-in-One product
2. Non greasy
3. Safe for use on sensitive skin types
4. Anti aging
5. 30 day free trial with no obligation
6. Excellent customer service
7. Speedy delivery


The Bad Points:
1. It’s expensive.
2. Their sales letter looks hyped up 


Where to buy LifeCell Skin?

There are a few places where you can buy LifeCell Skin. The most trusted  website to order LifeCell from is their official website www.LifeCellSkin.com. This is the only place where you can get a free 30 day LifeCell Skin trial, a 120 day money-back guarantee and special offers like discounted shipping.

Here’s how you can save 80% on the shipping:

1. Visit the official LifeCellSkin website using this link here

2. Try to closer the browser window. When you try to exit a window with the special offer link appears

3. Click the LifeCell Skin special offer link in the window


What about international offers?

Can you get LifeCell Skin if you live in Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore, India? 

The good news, LifeCell ships their Number 1 selling Skin Cream in America to all these countries.

Click this link here for international offer and check special discount



My Final Verdict

I have found LifeCell Skin Cream to do everything the company claims it will do. At this point in time, I certify that LifeCell Anti-Aging Treatment is one of the three top rated skin creams in my books!
It is not without reason that LifeCell is one of top selling Skin Creams in America. 

Price: $189 with free 30 day trial period, credit card is not charged the first 30 days after the sale

Guarantee: 30 free trial period – credit card is not charged the first 30 days, 120 days 100% full money back guarantee


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